Tuesday, 9 August 2011

THE UK RIOTS - What Can We Do To Make Things Better?

We at The Happy Zone blog always concentrate on positive, happy and life-affirming stories, news and ideas. Now that London and the rest of the UK has been hit by violent riots, looting, mayhem and arson for the last three days we want to take a look at how we can all help to make things better both in the short and long-term.

We are not a political or religious site but do believe that by everyone pulling together no matter what they believe in we can all help build a better community for all. We welcome your positive comments, ideas and stories so please post in the comment box below or on the Happy Zone Facebook page.

The picture above is actually of those wonderful people who have already become known as the Riot Wombles on Twitter who are banding together to help clean up all the areas of London affected by the riots. If you want to help then you can follow @Riotcleanup on Twitter or go to their website.

Long-term solutions to stop this happening should all involve ways of helping people, particularly young people to learn to love and respect their local communities. This needs to come from schools, parents and the communities themselves in equal measure. Please contact us with positive ideas on how everyone can help rebuild these shattered communities and restore pride and self-esteem in our youth.

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  1. Encourage role models (real ones, not "celebrities" create the other week in a reality TV show) to work with young people and to make real and visible contributions to small parts of society.