Thursday, 11 August 2011

UK Riots - Making Things Better

As we at The Happy Zone always look on the more positive and happier side of life, we thought we'd take another look at the UK riots and try to come up with some positive actions and solutions which may prevent this from happening again. Please let us know of any ideas and happy thoughts you have concerning this, any uplifting stories you may have heard or organisations that you recommend which are already doing good work either with young people in general or in helping with the clean-up campaigns.

  • Help Britain's young people learn to love their neighbourhood and local communities.
  • If you have spare time on your hands, or don't work at the moment then organise or take part in a local community group aimed at local youths. It doesn't always take loads of money, just a bunch of willing volunteers who are able to give their time and skills.
  • Celebrities - Young people today look up to and try to emulate their favourite celebrities, pop stars, rap artists and sports men and women. These famous (and often wealthy) stars need to put themselves out there as role models by getting their hands dirty; helping the riot clean-up wombles, giving their time to local youth projects and visiting schools and youth clubs to talk to, help and motivate teenagers.
  • On a much bigger scale, projects funded by the banks and huge corporations such as the major supermarkets should be encouraged and put into action. What about funding local community parks and gardens in the most deprived areas? These could be designed, looked after and tended to by local teenagers.
  • Other potential projects could include "keep Britain tidy" groups which would regularly go out into the local community and pick up litter, repair broken fences, paint over graffitti and generally look after the local area.
  • Young people should be allowed to go on some patrols with local police officers to see the kinds of trouble the police have to deal with on a daily basis.
  • Recycling - local entrepeneurs and small businesses could help young people set up their own businesses using recycled goods and rubbish, thus helping the environment at the same time.
  • Councils should allow organised groups to use the many empty, abandoned and boarded up shops on our high streets free of charge. These could be utilised by youth groups, art projects and small start-up businesses and shops run by young people.
  • Regenerate our local high streets. Ok, so we're in the middle of a deep recession which means many shops are closing down and no-one has any money to spend. However, our high streets can still be buzzing, thriving areas full of cheap and free activities and fun things to do. It just takes the right people to organise things alongside support from local councils as well as local shops and businesses.
  • Parental responsibilities - parents totally need to take responsibility for their children, particularly those aged 16 and under. They need to know exactly where their kids are at all times and keep constant checks on their whereabouts.
  • Curfews - it maybe a good idea to have a 9pm curfew for anyone aged 16 or under for the next three to six months until things have settled down. It could potentially make britain's streets a little safer at night.
  • Education - All schools should have compulsory lessons in the following for all children aged 5 upwards : recycling, manners, "keep britain tidy", looking after the environment, self-esteem, healthy eating, growing your own fruit and vegetables, sustainable living.
  • Television and media need to take more responsibility for all the junk and bad "role models" they shove down our kids throats on a daily basis. More TV shows based around helping others, self-esteem, recycling, the environment, how to better yourself and less TOWIE, Geordie Shores, Big Brother and the like.

So some of this may seem to be pie in the sky but just remember that nothing is impossible if enough people pull together and believe in themselves and the greater good. Please add your own constructive ideas below or on our Facebook page. Stay happy!

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