Monday, 18 July 2011


OK so the weather's awful and it seems like the summer is over before it's even begun, but lets not get gloomy and depressed about it! There are loads of ways we can make ourselves and others feel better even when the skies are grey. Here are five positive things that you can do today. Can you think of any more?
  1. Perform a random act of kindness - if you have any neighbours who are old and on their own, pop round and see if they need anything. Or help a mother with their baby buggy if they're trying to get on or off the bus. You know the kind of thing!
  2. Meditate - A short 10 minute meditation daily can do you the world of good. It's quick and easy and is totally free!!
  3. Smile at a stranger - Yes, they may think you're mad but then again maybe it'll make their day! Just do it and spread the happiness!
  4. Recycle - If you don't do this already then start doing it today. It's a great way to make yourself feel good especially when you know it's helping the environment.
  5. Listen to music - Put on a couple of your favourite tracks or a cd that makes you happy and chill out for half an hour. You could even sing along!

Let us know of any positive things you've done recently. What makes YOU happy? And don't forget you can follow The Happy Zone on Facebook too!

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