Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Who do YOU think of when someone mentions UK Eurovision Song Contest winners? Well, according to a poll of BBC Radio Two listeners in 2013 the answer is unquestionably Bucks Fizz, who were voted the UK's best Eurovision entry of all time with the iconic Making Your Mind Up, written by Andy Hill and John Danter. 

But Bucks Fizz were more than just Eurovision and a trio of number one hits - very underrated in their heyday, many of their singles, B-sides and album tracks were a lot more sophisticated than their contemporaries. With their ever-evolving style Bucks Fizz were ahead of their time in some respects and bang on trend in others.
Epic production, bombastic New Romantic-esque vocal stylings, incredible harmonies and "in your face" percussion - some fab 12" remixes too! And they are still going strong with solo careers and as a band (they released a brand new album a couple of years ago) - they're now known as "(Cheryl, Mike and Jay) Formerly of Bucks Fizz" are still recording and just about to embark on a massive world tour with guest vocalist Bobby McVey (the original group member Bobby G unfortunately left to start a cabaret band and won the rights to use the name Bucks Fizz in a bitter court battle). 

With all this in mind it seems more than a little strange that the most successful group (aside from ABBA) to ever come out of the Eurovision Song Contest has been excluded from the BBC's upcoming event to celebrate 60 years of Eurovision. A twitter campaign using the hashtag #iwantmyfizz has been started by loyal fans and began trending worldwide supported by the band and many other celebrities; it even has its own FaceBook page! Despite the huge outcry, the BBC have so far remained tight lipped on the scandal and have refused to make any comment. Original band member Jay Aston said: 
“They will not be able to call us Bucks Fizz, we’d have to be ‘formerly of Bucks Fizz’. That’s the only reason I can think of.”
Whatever the outcome, fans can rest assured that Bucks Fizz are here to stay and can be seen performing live in the Paradise Regained Tour 2015 all over the UK, Europe and even as far as Australia! With all the publicity gained from this BBC scandal you'd better book your tickets now before they sell out!

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