Sunday, 27 April 2014


Bucks Fizz were one of Britain's biggest pop exports back in the eighties and despite various dramas and in-fighting over the years have successfully reformed, now comprising of original three members Cheryl Baker, Mike Nolan and Jay Aston. Not only have they released a brand new album (Fame & Fortune), various compilations of rare tracks and remixes (the Lost Masters project) and toured extensively, all three members of the group have their own thriving solo careers. Cheryl is currently touring in the brilliant Happy Days The Musical, Mike released a warmly received solo album (In My Life) and now Jay is following suit with a new single (True Love) and album (I Spy).

Jay Aston was known for her sexy outfits and dramatic powerhouse vocals, particularly on Bucks Fizz's huge hit When We Were Young and has always been popular with the group's fans. Aston left Bucks Fizz in 1985 after they were involved in a devastating coach crash and her career was left in limbo when she was sued for breach of contract by the band's management. She eventually released some critically acclaimed solo albums and finally settled her differences with Cheryl and Mike, leading to the successfully reformed group we see today who tour under the name Cheryl, Mike and Jay - Formerly of Bucks Fizz!

On 5th May, Jay officially releases her new single True Love and it is already available to pre-order on It's a jaunty little number although not the big Kylie-esque pop/dance anthem I was expecting; the lyrics are fun and down-to-earth and Jay surprises once again with a quirky vocal style very different to what fans are used to. Catchy and old-school but with a nod to contemporary production techniques, all Bucks Fizz and Jay Aston fans should buy this track on the first week of release and get this talented singer-songwriter back in the charts where she belongs. 

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