Thursday, 7 February 2013

GREEN TREE HEALING - Just One Session And The Pain Had Gone!

Here at The Happy Zone we love to bring you ideas and places that can help keep you healthy and happy in both mind and spirit. We especially like to support small, independent businesses which is why today we want to draw your attention to Green Tree Healing based in Brighton, East Sussex in the UK. Focusing on a variety of therapies, Graham and Liz use a combination of Body Electronics, Shamanic Healing, BodyMind Therapy and Nutritional advice in order to help you on your own journey to health and rediscovering the magic of life.

I wanted to share my own story with you today as a testament to Green Tree Healing's amazing restorative and healing techniques. I have suffered from depression virtually my whole life and was at a particularly low ebb both mentally and physically. Along with the depression I had been suffering from painful verrucas for eight months which would not go away and had virtually crippled me; the pain was so intense there were times when I could barely walk. I came to see Graham for some healing as I had tried every remedy I could find but they just would not budge. After just one session with Graham the pain stopped and I could walk properly for the first time in eight months. Within a couple of weeks (two sessions) the verrucas had almost gone. Just a few short weeks later my foot was completely healed and the verrucas have never returned. 

Not only that, but after every Energy Healing session my depression would lift for a few days and I would feel more balanced mentally. I also suffer from rosacea, which makes my face flare up, my skin dry and gives me severe acne symptoms. After my healing sessions, my face also began to improve. I cannot recommend Graham strongly enough and am incredibly grateful for his help.

If you are suffering from any physical or mental ailments and you need some help or a bit of a mental or physical boost contact the Green Tree Healing centre and book an appointment with Graham or Liz today. Please tell them The Happy Zone sent you. Their prices are incredibly reasonable and they have a huge range of treatments.

If you want to recommend any particular healing centres or have a positive story you'd like to share, please feel free to comment below.

You can call Green Tree Healing on 01273 563054 or Graham directly on 07748 223072.

Don't forget to tell them The Happy Zone sent you!

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