Thursday, 24 February 2011


Perform an extra act of kindness today… 

Have you ever had a door shut in your face, or waited at a junction for ages while car after car after lorry after car passes you by and doesn’t let you out?  If you’re anything like me something small like this can really irritate you and set you up badly for the day.  

On the other hand, has a complete stranger ever done a random act of kindess that left you with a smile on your face?

Well, spread a little happiness each and every day.  How about making someone a cuppa while you’re getting one for yourself?  Or share your table in a busy pub or cafĂ©.  And it’s not just for strangers and colleagues.  What about your partner and family who we often take for granted?  When was the last time you asked them how their day was - and really listened?  Or surprised them with flowers – not just on Valentine’s Day or a birthday, but just “because”?  Or made them breakfast in bed (my idea of hell, of course.  Imagine the crumbs everywhere!!!)

Even a genuine “thank you” and a smile when someone holds a door for you, or pauses on a stairwell to let you pass can make all the difference to someone’s day.

Action for Happiness recently published “The Happiness Challenge workbook” which included some helpful suggestions:

1.    Give up your seat
2.    Hold a door open for someone
3.    Give a (sincere) compliment
4.    Make someone laugh
5.    Give someone a hug
6.    Take time to really listen to someone
7.    Make someone new feel welcome
8.    Let one car in on every journey
9.    Give directions to someone who's lost
10. Have a conversation with a stranger
11. Pick up litter as you walk
12. Let someone in front of you in the supermarket queue
13. Tell someone they mean a lot to you
14. Let someone have your parking spot
15. Read a story with a child
16. Offer your change to someone struggling to find the right amount
17. Treat a loved one to breakfast in bed
18. Buy cakes or fruit for your colleagues
19. Invite your neighbour round for a drink and a chat
20. Offer to help with someone's shopping
21. Tell someone if you notice they're doing a good job
22. Pass on a book you've enjoyed
23. Say sorry (you know who to)
24. Forgive someone for what they've done
25. Visit a sick friend, relative or neighbour
26. Buy an unexpected gift for someone
27. Bake something for a neighbour
28. Pay for someone in the queue behind
29. Do a chore that you don't normally do
30. Help out someone in need
31. Offer to look after a friend's children
32. Offer to mow your neighbour’s lawn
33. Donate your old things to charity
34. Give food to a homeless person and take time to talk with them
35. Visit someone who may be lonely
36. Give blood
37. Get back in contact with someone you've lost touch with
38. Organise a fundraising event
39. Volunteer your time for a charity
40. Plan a street party

As with Christmas presents, it’s better to give these acts than receive.  So, do it sincerely and without expecting anything in return. 

What will your extra act of kindness be today?  It’ll make a bigger difference than you might think….

* Thanks to Niall Bailey for this guest blogpost.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

ABBA Laugh With The Happy Zone

It's midweek so we thought we'd cheer you up! Check out this ABBA cartoon and classic French & Saunders spoof. Got anything funny to share? Any positive stories to tell? Email The Happy Zone at

Friday, 18 February 2011


Hope you enjoyed this Friday's cartoon! Don't forget to share with us anything that makes YOU smile! Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Fab Places That Make You Happy!

I was having a think the other day about the aims of this blog. The main thing is that I want this to be a happy, positive place that you can come to if you need cheering up, are sick of reading only bad news or want some tips on how to keep happy and healthy. 
But another of our aims is to share the good stuff around. We want to promote cool small businesses and independent shops, tell you about any great special offers, money saving vouchers and fabulous places you can visit if you have a day, weekend or week off! 
The Happy Zone also wants you to share your money saving tips, health advice, good causes and positive stories that make you happy!
So today I thought I'd big up Brighton; or to be more precise, my favourite part of Brighton, The North Laines. This is an area full to bursting with cool independent shops, funky cafes,laid-back bars and the friendliest pubs in town. For those not in the know, Brighton is down on the East Sussex coast in the UK, just an hour away from London. Check out the North Laine Brighton website and discover just what you've been missing!

Friday, 11 February 2011


Well, it's Friday once again and today we've decided to share a funny video that never fails to make us laugh. So sit back and enjoy French & Saunders' interpretation of musical icon Cher!
Feel free to comment and let us know what makes you laugh! 

Friday, 4 February 2011

The Friday Funny!

Here's our regular Friday Funny to give you a happy boost at the end of a hard week! Have a great weekend and keep spreading the word about The Happy Zone! 

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Many of us feel particularly low during the winter months and some of us suffer severely from depression at various times in our lives. However, doctors and nutritionists agree that by eating healthily we can stave off depression and feel happier and more alive. We thought we'd give you a list of ten fantastic foods to give you a boost!
  1. Oily fish - the omega-3 oils found in fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna have been proven to boost moods, relieve anxiety and combat depression.
  2. Brazil nuts - the selenium in brazil nuts is an excellent way to help alleviate depression.
  3. Bananas
  4. Brown rice
  5. Porridge oats
  6. Vitamin B - foods containing the B-vitamins are well known to control mood swings and battle those blues - good examples are liver, eggs and Marmite!
  7. Chocolate - a small piece of dark chocolate high in cocoa can be a very pleasant way of helping yourself stay happy - but just remember not to overdo it! Also, it's worth trying some raw chocolate from your local health food store.
  8. Fruit - a couple of pieces of fruit a day should help keep the doctor away
  9. Green leafy vegetables - particularly good for your iron intake and should be eaten every day!
  10. Herbal & fruit teas - not technically a food of course, but if you replace caffeine based drinks like coffee and cola with healthy herbal teas this will help beat the blues.

Remember that if you are trying to beat depression with good nutrition to stop eating junk foods and cut down on your alcohol consumption. It's also wise to exercise for thirty minutes at least three or four times a week.