Thursday, 17 February 2011

Fab Places That Make You Happy!

I was having a think the other day about the aims of this blog. The main thing is that I want this to be a happy, positive place that you can come to if you need cheering up, are sick of reading only bad news or want some tips on how to keep happy and healthy. 
But another of our aims is to share the good stuff around. We want to promote cool small businesses and independent shops, tell you about any great special offers, money saving vouchers and fabulous places you can visit if you have a day, weekend or week off! 
The Happy Zone also wants you to share your money saving tips, health advice, good causes and positive stories that make you happy!
So today I thought I'd big up Brighton; or to be more precise, my favourite part of Brighton, The North Laines. This is an area full to bursting with cool independent shops, funky cafes,laid-back bars and the friendliest pubs in town. For those not in the know, Brighton is down on the East Sussex coast in the UK, just an hour away from London. Check out the North Laine Brighton website and discover just what you've been missing!

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