Tuesday, 29 November 2011

3 Good Things!

Even when things seem at their most miserable, we at the Happy Zone always try and cheer ourselves up by looking on the bright side. On my way home from hospital today it was cold, windy and teaming down with rain. I was disgruntled after my consultation with the doctor, my umbrella kept blowing inside out and the hole in my shoe was letting in the rain.

So when I got home, instead of allowing myself to fall into a deep depression, I decided to do what I sometimes do when feeling low. I made myself think of three good, positive things that had happened today. They could be things that I had done, or other people had done or just something happy I'd heard on the news but I tell you what - it wasn't even that difficult! If you really think about it you can always find good, happy things occuring around you each and every day.

Why don't you try it? Let us know what 3 good things happened to you today! If you're on Twitter just tweet your three positive things with the hashtags #3goodthings and #happyzone and share your happy thoughts with the world! You can also comment below or on our Facebook Page.

For the record, here are my 3 good things :
  • Work finally sorted out all the mistakes they'd made with my salary over the last few months and that definately brought a smile to my face when I read my payslip.
  • I have been craving Nestle Walnut Whips (delicious chocolate candy!) but couldn't find any in all the stores I searched in yesterday - but today I found one, bought one and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • I received a really really sweet email from one of my favourite actresses, the lovely yummy mummy Emily Booth!

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